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Kind Words


We love ¡Excelente Fabuloso!, our curriculum guide and Spanish programs--

and so do many others. Please read the kind and supportive testimonials below...


"I can’t thank you enough for creating such a wonderful CD and guide.  The children and I love them.  It is what I have been searching for for several years."

-Kindergarten Teacher, Osseo, MN


"The responses from Head Start teachers for your CD and guide have been fabulous."

-Director of Education, Head Start



“¡Excelente Fabuloso! is Marc's favorite CD. Every song he tells me, "THIS is my FAVORITE!"  Then he proceeds to sing it out loud with a smile on his face.  Next song, same thing. I am so glad he is learning Spanish and so glad we purchased this amazing CD.”  

-Caroline, Mom from Minneapolis


"We love, love, love your CD!"

-Mother of a 3 and 5-year-old, Minneapolis


"My daughter Sophie is in your Spanish classes and loves them. Thank you! She also loves your CD, ¡Excelente Fabuloso!  We have one in each car and that's what she always wants to listen to whenever we're going somewhere."

-Father of a 5-year-old, Minneapolis 


"I just had to write to you and say that my husband and I just about fell over tonight hearing Alex speak all his Spanish words! Tonight he told us "mariposa" means butterfly. He was so proud that he started teaching us how to say more Spanish words!  He has always talked about Spanish a lot and we can tell he really enjoys it, but this is first time he really displayed that he’s actually learning it!  So exciting!  Thank you for making it so fun for them!" 

- Mother of a 3-year-old, Minneapolis


"Just wanted you to know how much I enjoyed watching your Spanish lesson last week.  I couldn't believe how far the kids had come especially because they're so young! You were very engaging and did a great job teaching ... even I picked up a few new words!!"

- Mother of a 4-year-old, Minneapolis


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