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About Us

About Us

Kids Love Languages (KLL) provides language-based services and educational materials to meet the needs of young learners and educators in today's global society. KLL believes learning another language, such as Spanish, opens new doors of opportunity, builds intercultural bridges, and cultivates respect and appreciation for others. Also, studies have shown that knowing multiple languages has endless social, academic, and cognitive benefits. 


Alysha Boie, a Minnesota-native, has deep interest in travel, education, and the global community. In 1998, she had her first international experience volunteering in Tijuana, Mexico. That trip served as a catalyst for further work and study in Cuba, Costa Rica, Guatemala, Mexico, Nicaragua, Panama and Spain. She enjoys teaching children basic Spanish as KLL's main teacher and owner. She always incorporates music into her lessons and is amazed at how quickly children can learn to communicate in another language when music, rhythm and passion are present. 

In addition to being an experienced educator, Alysha has a background in communication and peace studies  from the University of St. Thomas in St. Paul, MN. 

Justin Lansing grew up in Denver, CO and at the tender age of 4, learned how to say his first words in Spanish--"te amo" (I love you).  His love for the language grew in high school when he had the opportunity to travel to Spain for a month. At Lake Forest College in IL, Justin majored in Spanish and studied abroad in Costa Rica. His senior thesis brought him to Mexico to film a documentary that focused on the deportation of an undocumented Mexican immigrant. He feels that learning a second language helps us to understand and respect people from cultures other from our own. 

Joe Mailander became enthralled with the Spanish language during the two summers he spent in Spain during high school. After the trips, Joe continued to travel throughout the Spanish-speaking world, visiting countries like El Salvador, Costa Rica, and Argentina. He studied abroad in Chile and Guatemala, and he did his thesis on the prevention of gang violence in Peru. Joe graduated from St. John's University in Collegeville, MN. He's thrilled to be a part of an album combines his love for Spanish with this love for family music.     


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